Dear friends,

The number of losses encountered in the last year has been staggering. We have dealt with countless surprises, challenges, and adjustments that needed to be made. To our credit, we have stepped into some of these changes with enthusiasm (or at least a bit of energy). Other times we have grumbled but made the adjustments anyway. Then there have been the situations where we simply have thrown up our hands in frustration and anger. This is not even to mention the private losses we’ve carried unrelated to world events or the disappointments and struggles we were dealing with long before we ever heard of Covid 19. And the hits keep coming.

The weight of it all is taking its toll.

There are still so many uncertainties about the future. Wouldn’t it be great if we could offload some of the burdens we’ve picked up in the last year before encountering whatever is next? At this point, there is little space in our hands, our minds, or our hearts to carry anything else. We need to make a little room.

Many of us are familiar with the words of Jesus in Matthew 11, “Come to me all you who are weary and heavy burdened, and I will give you rest.” While we may believe these words to be true, sometimes they feel a little out of reach, mysterious, or even impractical. How in the world do we ditch these burdens and get the rest that Jesus is offering?

As much as I wish I could snap my fingers and have the pain of the past gone, in my experience, Jesus is more of a journey guy. He invites us to come to Him, to walk with Him, and in the process, He makes all things new. It doesn’t always feel like the fastest way or the easiest way at the beginning, but looking back, I always end up discovering that His way really was the best way all along. I have seen Him prove himself faithful beyond what I could have imagined, not only to remove the burdens I was frustrated with, but also to give me more love and compassion than I would have known to ask for.

We would like to invite you on a journey of making room. Some might even call it a grief process. Grief is not reserved only for the times in life when someone we love has died, although that is certainly a place for it. Grief is designed to help us deal with any loss we have encountered, even simply a situation that did not go as we expected. Grieving helps us release the pain or disappointment we carry in order to hold onto the parts of life that have been lovely, allowing us to move forward with hope and courage.

Together we will heed Jesus’ call to come near, acknowledge the losses we’ve experienced, and give this burden to Him in exchange for His kingdom gifts. You will receive one e-mail a week for the seven weeks beginning on Ash Wednesday (February 17) and ending the week of Easter. Our hope is that these will help create a space where you experience the comforting presence of Jesus, the one who is with you in your suffering, so that you may also celebrate the gift of His resurrection power in your life.

Take a moment to look at the picture above. Can you see that there is a space created by these hands? Consider this: before you enter into the process of making room for yourself, Jesus has already made room for you. He is the one who invites you into the process, and He is your companion on the journey.

No need to fear the grieving. Jesus Himself was a man of sorrows, who is very familiar with grief. Our tears are precious to Him, and our broken hearts draw His presence. His comfort is promised for those who mourn.

 On the other side of grief is relief from burdens, rest, and the hope of a beautiful resurrection.

Will you join us?

To sign up, click the link below.

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