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SACRED SPACE | Our heart is to join Jesus in freeing leaders to live grace-empowered lives that overflow with Heaven’s gifts to a hurting world. To do this, we protect a space and time for bringing into the light things you have ignored, pushed to the side, or buried. The goal is to get these out in front of yourself, and more importantly, Jesus, who loves you deeply, and wants to breathe new life into you. This honest knowing and awareness in the presence of God and another person is the geography in which the Holy Spirit breathes rest, healing, and play into your life. We do this through:

GROUP RETREATS | We offer 1-day to 2.5-day retreats for groups to help you as leaders cultivate and live in sacred space with God and each other. These are both spiritually foundational and extremely practical. We offer retreats for church staffs, church leadership teams, and even for conference groups (like pastors, youth directors, educators, etc.).

What you experience at one of our group retreats will be unlike most anything you’ve done together before. You won’t simply learn new information, or new techniques, or better practices – you will discover more of your own heart and story, more of the incredible patience and grace of Jesus, and begin to be bonded more deeply with one another. It’s an interesting blend of exhausting and restful, scary and exciting, that only God can provide.

INDIVIDUAL/COUPLE RETREATS | As we get to know you and your ministry setting better, we provide 3.5-day retreats for you and your spouse. We are proud to partner with the family-owned and operated Maple Creek Bed and Breakfast as our host site in Tomball, TX.

Our typical schedule is: breakfast provided by the B&B, individual/couple meet with Steve and Jamie in the mornings, the rest of the day is intentionally unscheduled for you to rest, explore, play, or process as a couple what you experienced and discovered in the morning sessions – whatever you need.

These retreats are designed to uncover the parts of life that get buried in leadership (wounding, grief, anger, dreams/aspirations, anxiety, habitual sin, etc.), to allow God to speak into these areas and breathe life into them. These retreats are an interesting blend of exhausting and restful, as God brings heavy things into the light to unburden His children of weight they’ve been attempting (often accidentally) to carry alone in the dark.

CASUAL CONVERSATIONS | We are available to meet one-on-one (Steve with men, Jamie with women), or as a couple for 1-2 hours to give you a place to begin to process whatever is on your heart and mind. It sounds a lot like counseling, and in some ways it is. However, our goal is to not keep a clinical distance, but come near and give you a place to uncover what’s really happening inside of you and get it out in the open. This is incredibly healing, especially if you have been holding it in for a long time. Imagine it more like talking with a good friend – someone who gets you; listens well; is able to offer perspective, wisdom, or grace for where you are in your journey; and who will pray for you.

CONNECTION to OTHER RESOURCES | Finally…Jesus has been connecting us to more and more people who love seeing God free His people to live in the hope of Jesus in all kinds of specific areas of life. For leaders, these resources and relationships can often become the thing God uses to save us from burnout, from rust-out, from secret lives lived as a cover-up for pain, or from a myriad of things that threaten to propagate a long, slow drift into spiritual dryness. We are glad to team up with others in the body of Christ to come alongside you with the tangible good news of Jesus and His incredible love for you!

WHO IS BREATHE LIFE FOR? Breathe Life is for Christian leaders (no matter their denominational affiliation), their spouse, and the teams they lead. Whether you’re a pastor or you hold another church staff position, a lay leader (board member, elder, etc.), an education leader (public or private), a community leader, or a business leader – Breathe Life is a place for you to be refreshed by God’s presence, and to come into His light for you. It’s a place to notice and give attention to the important things of life and faith that often get buried or ignored because of your leadership position.

HOW MUCH DOES BREATHE LIFE COST? Breathe Life is mostly funded by donations. This keeps costs to leaders much lower than our actual costs.

We do charge for group retreats. You can contact us to get a quote for your retreat needs (we have a fee schedule based on length of time, number of participants, and travel expenses).

We offer our individual/couple retreats for a suggested donation of $500. Travel expenses and meals other than breakfast are your responsibility. Partial scholarships are often available upon request. The overall value for this retreat is $1200.

Casual Conversations are offered for free on basis of our availability.