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SACRED SPACE | Our desire is to join Jesus in freeing leaders to live grace-empowered lives that overflow with Heaven’s gifts to a hurting world. To do this, we protect a space and time for noticing things that have been ignored, pushed to the side, or considered impossible.

The goal is to move these things from inside your mind, heart, and body, and onto the table, so to speak. Once there, they are met with kindness, compassion, and the power of grace, which begin to make a little room for something new. In times of prayer, these burdens are exchanged for heaven’s resources, which have the power to make all the difference. These principles are used in everything Breathe Life does.

WHO IS BREATHE LIFE FOR? Breathe Life is for Christian leaders (no matter their denominational affiliation), their spouse, the teams they lead, and the communities where they are invested. Whether you’re a pastor or you hold another church staff position, a lay leader, an education leader, a community leader, a business leader, a ministry director, or an individual seeking to follow Jesus and be a light in your sphere of influence – Breathe Life is a place for you to be refreshed by God’s presence.

It’s a place to give attention to the important things of life and faith that often get buried or pushed aside because of your leadership position. It’s a place where you can come as you are and get help that you don’t have to produce for yourself.

SPIRITUAL MENTORING AND PRAYER SESSIONS | We are available to meet one-on-one or as a couple to give you a place to share, process, and pray about your experience of following Jesus and leading people in a broken world. Your story will be received by compassionate listeners who understand the cost of leadership, the toll it can take on a person, and the heart-dreams longing to see fulfillment. Undeniably, the most powerful part of these sessions is when we take burdens, hurts, and questions straight to Jesus. The Word of God comes alive as the Great Counselor meets us with His presence, comfort, compassion, wisdom, and so much more.

COUPLE RETREATS | As we get to know you and your ministry setting better, we offer 3½-day retreats for a ministry couple.

Our typical schedule is to meet in the mornings, sometimes as couples and sometimes separately. The rest of the day is intentionally left unscheduled to allow time for rest, exploration, or process of the morning sessions.

These retreats are designed to give space to share parts of life that get buried or pushed aside in leadership (wounding, grief, anger, dreams/aspirations, etc.) to allow God to speak into these areas and breathe His life into them. These retreats are an interesting blend of exhausting and restful as the Holy Spirit brings heavy things into the light to unburden His children of weight they’ve been carrying and exchanges them for His easier yoke.

GROUP RETREATS | We offer 1-day to 2½-day retreats for groups to help leaders cultivate and live in sacred space with God and each other. These are both spiritually foundation and extremely practical. We offer retreats for church staffs, leadership teams, and even for conference groups (like pastors, youth directors, educators, ministry leaders, etc.).

What you experience at one of our group retreats will be unlike many other conferences or group events. The primary goal is not to engage your mind by learning new information or better practices. Rather, you will experience a greater wholeness within yourself as you share parts of your heart and story, more of the incredible patience and grace of Jesus, and an opportunity to connect more deeply with one another. It’s an interesting blend of hard work and rest, challenge and relief that produce a pleasant fruit in the lives of attendees who give themselves to the process.

To date, we have done retreats focused on rest and refreshment, dealing with forgiveness, and addressing the grief of the past in order to move forward. We are willing to develop retreats based on the unique needs and desires of your group.


Spiritual mentoring and prayer session:
For an individual who is meeting with Steve or Jamie: $125 for a 1½-hour session
(valued at $150; cost is defrayed by the generosity of our donors)

For a couple who is meeting with Steve and Jamie: $200 for a 1½-hour session
(valued at $250; cost is defrayed by the generosity of our donors)

Wondering if this would be a good fit for you? Contact us to schedule a free 30 minute consultation.

Retreat for a couple: $2600
(valued at $3,125; cost is defrayed by the generosity of our donors)

Retreats run Sunday evening through Wednesday at noon.
Travel expenses and meals are your responsibility.

Our heart’s desire is that you would have help in your time of need. Breathe Life is a ministry serving this purpose.

It is often the case that in a time of extremely high need, funds are scarce. If that is the case for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have consistently seen God make a way where there is no way, especially in the area of finances. We would be glad to talk and pray with you to discover how the Lord might provide a way for us to work together.

Reach out today. We look forward to talking with you!  

Staff, leadership, or group retreat:
We have a fee schedule based on length of time, number of participants, and travel expenses.