There is an epidemic of isolation in America, and its true for Christian leaders, too  – isolation from relationships where they can openly wrestle with life, faith, and ministry. Our passion is to cultivate sacred space for those leaders, their spouses, and the teams they lead to come into the light and notice what they are thinking and feeling about these things, and to do that in front of God and some safe people. We believe Jesus is faithful to take this honest noticing and bring freedom along with His gifts of rest, healing, and play.

We have been doing this with leaders for years in the ministry settings where God has placed us on staff. Now we are focusing our attention and energy on leaders through Breathe Life Ministries. We are a ministry couple ourselves, loved and daily healed by Jesus, whose hearts are filled with God’s compassion for other ministry leaders and their families.

Our mission is…

cultivating sacred space where the unfiltered life of a Christian leader
meets the power and grace of the living God,
overflowing with Heaven’s gifts to the world