We have raised $280,000 toward our goal of $365,000 to build Phase 1 of Abba’s House & Breathe Life. We are in discussions and grant proposals that we hope will allow us to start construction of this Phase 1 very soon. To get a more detailed picture, you can read our updated prospectus here:

March 2017 Prospectus

Over the next year, Breathe Life Ministries will apply for our own 501c3 non-profit status. As we begin building Abba’s House, our physical home and ministry space, LifeBridge Church will be the entity through which we fund this construction.

If God is stirring you to financially partner with us, we are deeply humbled and so grateful for your generosity and your trust. If you would like to give a gift larger than $1,000, please contact us directly (this will save us unnecessary fees).

When you click the “Donate” button below, it will redirect you to the Abba’s House PayPal page, which is administered through LifeBridge Church (this is why it’s titled “LifeBridge Church — Abba’s House”). Simply enter your dollar amount first, then click on your preference for giving.

All financial gifts given in this way to Abba’s House are tax-deductible. If for some reason the ministry of Abba’s House is unable to continue, all remaining financial gifts will be directed toward non-profit(s) that most closely resemble Abba’s House’s values.