VISION | Every church a sacred space where real people with real needs, challenges, and dreams receive real help through the close friendship of God and His people.

MISSION | Cultivating sacred space where the unfiltered life of a Christian leader meets the power and grace of the living God, overflowing with Heaven’s gifts to the world.

PURPOSE | We cultivate intimate and community space for Christian leaders to hear and know God, receive His kingdom life, and overflow with His gifts for a hurting world. We do this by offering a safe, non-pressured context to vulnerably and authentically know your own unfiltered story and begin to share it with God and a person of grace. This honest knowing and awareness in the presence of God and another person is the geography in which the Holy Spirit breathes rest, healing and play into the life of the leaders He dearly loves. This breathes life into the Church. This breathes life into the world.