Leaving Texas on the “Trust Adventure”

By American standards, some might say that the Wiechmans (pronounced wish-mun) had a somewhat dramatic call out of their normal life of ministry. However, their story is not uncommon among followers of Jesus in the Bible and throughout history. Yet when God invited them to leave their life of public ministry behind and follow him on what they termed their “Trust Adventure,” it felt anything but common, even to them.

They were accustomed to doing what was hard, and while they didn’t love the dryness they were experiencing, they chalked it up to the cost of discipleship. In some ways, it is what they thought they had signed up for when they took the call to be leaders in the church.

Imagine their surprise when they began to suspect God might not be demanding that they continue in their current context. Was it possible that He might lead them out for a time of rest and refreshment? Could He be inviting them to a sabbath season of not producing, but instead, relying on the Lord’s provision and direction in a way they had not known before?

In an unfamiliar demonstration of childlike trust, they jumped, hoping that the Father’s arms would catch them. Steve resigned from his job, giving up a regular paycheck, health insurance, and participation in a retirement saving fund. In so doing, he gave up his reputation as someone reliable and responsible, and even began the process of surrendering his confidence in his own ability to provide all good things for himself and placing that confidence in God instead.

Jamie gave up her nice house, her beautiful possessions, and her identity as a diligent homeschooling mom and began the process of seeing herself as a beloved child of God, learning to trust Him to take responsibility for her children and their well-being (as promised in Isaiah 54:13).

They sold their house, gave away most of their possessions, and packed what they had left in a 10-foot cargo trailer to be towed behind their Suburban. They hit the road with their four children on a journey to discover the gifts of God in an unconventional way. You can read more of their story here, at the blog they kept during that time. This links you to their original announcement, where they let people know about the new journey God was inviting them to begin.