In April 2018 we will begin to offer a Sunday evening through Wednesday mid-day retreat that we will design specifically for you (and your spouse, if married).

HEART | Our heart is to free ministry leaders and couples from the isolation so prevalent today – to protect a space and time for bringing into the light, things you have ignored, pushed to the side, or buried. The goal is to get these out in front of yourself, and more importantly, Jesus, who loves you deeply, and wants to breathe new life into you.

PLACE | We are proud to partner with the family-owned and operated Maple Creek Bed and Breakfast as our host site.

DATES | In 2018, our first year in operation, we will host six or seven couples/individuals for the following dates:

  • April 8-11 | taken
  • May 6-9 | taken
  • June 10-13 | open
  • July | no retreats during this month
  • August – December TBD | open (contact us to propose a date)

GENERAL SCHEDULE | While each retreat is personally designed for you, our general schedule looks like this:

  • Sunday evening: arrive and get settled
  • Monday: breakfast provided by B&B, get-to-know-you conversations, mentoring/prayer time, lunch on own, directed time in God’s Word, dinner on own (Steve & Jamie available as needed)
  • Tuesday: breakfast provided by B&B, mentoring/prayer time, lunch on own, directed time in God’s Word, dinner at Wiechman’s if so inclined
  • Wednesday: breakfast provided by B&B, mentoring/prayer time, wrap-up conversation, check-out and travel home

COST | Our deepest desire is that the people who need this ministry would receive it. Often, at our point of greatest need we lack the monetary resources to get relief. For that reason, if we have an opening and you can get here, we will not let cost prohibit you from coming. Our approach is this:

  1. The cost per individual/couple is $450. This does not include your expenses for travel, or the cost of 5 of your meals (Sunday dinner, Monday lunch & dinner, Tuesday lunch, and Wednesday lunch). You can cook your own meals at the B&B if you like.
  2. If the $450 is prohibitive for you, please contact us and we will work out a way for you to come, as long as we have open dates. Really.
  3. If you are blessed financially, or live in a community that supports you in endeavors like this, the actual overall cost for one retreat is between $1100-$1250. Your covering of this entire amount, or more, helps pay it forward to the next person who has need.