• Who is Breathe Life for?
  • What does Breathe Life offer?
  • How much does Breathe Life cost?
  • Is Breathe Life officially connected to a church body or other entity?

WHO IS BREATHE LIFE FOR? Breathe Life is for Christian leaders and their spouse. Whether you’re a pastor, full-time ministry staff, a lay leader (board member, elder, etc.), an education leader (public or private), a community leader, or a business leader – Breathe Life is a place for you to be refreshed by God’s presence, and to come into His light for you. It’s a place to notice and give attention to the important things of life and faith that often get buried or ignored because of your leadership position.

WHAT DOES BREATHE LIFE OFFER? Our heart is to free ministry leaders and couples from the isolation so prevalent today – to protect a space and time for bringing into the light, things you have ignored, pushed to the side, or buried. The goal is to get these out in front of yourself, and more importantly, Jesus, who loves you deeply, and wants to breathe new life into you. We do this through:

Personally Focused Times (PFTs) of listening, care, & prayer | We are available to meet one-on-one (Steve with men, Jamie with women), or as a couple for 1-2 hours to give you a place to begin to process whatever is on your heart and mind. It sounds a lot like counseling, and in some ways it is. However, our goal is to not keep a clinical distance, but come near and give you a place to uncover what’s really happening inside of you and get it out in the open. This is incredibly healing, especially if you have been  burying it for a long time. Not only is it healing to simply tell it to a safe person, but our goal is to uncover your heart and mind in front of God, your Father, who will bring deep and lasting healing and rest! Most everything we do at Breathe Life is aimed at “walking in the light” with God and another follower, or two, of Jesus (see 1 John 1:7). 

1/2-Day Guided Prayer Sessions (GPS) | We send you a Bible study to prepare your heart and mind for this 1.5-3 hour session. During the GPS, one of us will assist you in coming into the presence of your heavenly Father through His Word and prayer,  help you ask Him some intentional questions about yourself, and wait on Him to begin to speak to you. We’ve found God – our Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit – to be amazingly faithful to people calling on His name.

Most of us are nervous about listening for God’s voice, not wanting to attribute something to Him that is not really from Him. Our goal is to help you learn to ask and listen, and then to discern what you hear and see in prayer with God’s Word and His character He has revealed. We have been trained in these sessions by PrayerCare, a wonderful ministry based out of Colleyville, TX. Much of the GPS is done under the prayer of David in Psalm 27:7-8 (NIV):

Hear my voice when I call, Lord;
be merciful to me and answer me.
My heart says of you, “Seek his face!”
Your face, Lord, I will seek.

3 1/2-Day Personal Retreats for couples | We schedule our retreats, one couple at a time to give you focused and personal attention. We are proud to partner with the family-owned and operated Maple Creek Bed and Breakfast as our host site in Tomball, TX.

Our typical schedule is: breakfast provided by the B&B, individual/couple meet with Steve and Jamie in the mornings, the rest of the day is intentionally unscheduled for you to rest, explore, play, or process as a couple what you experienced and discovered in the morning sessions – whatever you need.

These retreats are designed to uncover the parts of life that get buried in leadership (wounding, grief, anger, dreams/aspirations, anxiety, habitual sin, etc.), to allow God to speak into these areas and breathe life into them. These retreats are an interesting blend of exhausting and restful, as God brings heavy things into the light to unburden His children of weight they’ve been attempting to carry alone in the dark.

Breathe Life Community Meals | Starting in the Fall of 2018, we will host a meal at our home in Tomball, TX once or twice a month for any of the people connected to Breathe Life Ministries. Our goal is to foster a community where leaders and their families can begin to live out the “walking in the light” lifestyle with other leaders and their families. As we actively learn to come out of isolation with God, we need a place to learn to do it with people who are in process just like us. This is what God’s church is intended to be. However, we know that for many leaders, the church is where they are least known. Breathe Life Community Meals will be a place to learn how to do this, how to fall, and how to get back up again. It will be a place to be known – your dreams and your struggles, your shame and your joy. It will be a place of deep prayer – a place where Jesus brings the Father’s rest, healing, and play on a regular basis!

Introduction & Connection to other Resources | Finally…Jesus has been connecting us to more and more people who love seeing God free people to live in the hope of Jesus in all kinds of specific areas of life. For leaders, these resources and relationships can often become the thing God uses to save us from burnout, from rust-out, from secret lives lived to cover pain, or from a myriad of things that threaten a long, slow drift into spiritual dryness. We are glad to team up with others in the body of Christ to come alongside you with the tangible good news of Jesus and His incredible love for you!

HOW MUCH DOES BREATHE LIFE COST? We offer our services at no cost, except for a suggested donation of $450 for our retreats to cover the cost of the B&B. We do this for the express purpose of giving the gospel for free to the people upon whom God has placed a mantle of leadership. Most leaders already struggle with receiving care, because it has often come to them with strings attached. We want the care we offer to be free of any since of obligation. Besides, many Christian leaders do not have the financial resources to access help, especially when they need it most. For this reason, we raise all operating costs through a donation-basis.

Below is a list of values for each of the things we offer, for anyone who would like to help us with costs. As always, if you are able to give a gift that covers these values, or even beyond, we would be so honored and grateful! Remember, these are only the values – they are offered for free!

Personally Focused Times (PFTs) | Value: $75/hr. + any incidental costs of food where we are meeting.

Guided Prayer Sessions (GPSs) | Value: $200

3 1/2-Day Personal Retreat for Couples | Value: $1200
Suggested donation of $450 for couples who attend. However, please do not let this keep you from coming. If $450 is beyond your means, please contact us. We will help you find a way.

Breathe Life Community Meals | These will be communal pot-lucks.

IS BREATHE LIFE OFFICIALLY CONNECTED TO A CHURCH BODY OR OTHER ENTITY? No. Breathe Life Ministries is a recognized 501c3 with it’s own Board of Directors. It is a Christian organization that exists to serve Christian leaders and their spouses, no matter what their denominational affiliation.