Breathe Life Ministries Gets Started

Breathe Life Ministries officially started in November 2017. Our mission is:

Accompanying Christian leaders and their spouses
into the presence of Jesus
to experience rest, healing, and play
in a safe, highly personal, and individualized retreat setting.

We our planning to host our first ministry couple in April of 2018. Our current retreat offering is a holistic, Sunday evening through Wednesday mid-day, personal retreat comprised of individual and couple mentoring and prayer, directed time in God’s Word, and plenty of free time to rest. We are partnering with the fabulous family-owned and operated Maple Creek Bed and Breakfast as our host site.

Our goal in 2018 is to host five couples/individuals while establishing all the working components of the organization, receiving our 501c3 status, and positioning Breathe Life for growth in 2019. Our heart is to free ministry leaders and couples from the isolation so prevalent today – to protect a space and time for bringing into the light, things they have ignored, pushed to the side, or buried. The purpose is to get these out in front of the leader, and more importantly, Jesus, who loves them deeply, and wants to breathe new life into them.

From time-to-time, we will post articles, discoveries, thoughts, and wrestlings here in our blog. We hope you will join us in breathing deeply from the grace of God, especially in the area of breathing rest, healing, and play into the lives of Christian leaders and their spouses.

Steve & Jamie Wiechman


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